Server Rules

1. Use common sense
A few rules fall under this. Do not impersonate or pretend to be staff, do not make yourself hard to deal with, do not discuss infractions in public - use ModMail if you'd like to discuss an infraction or mute, and don't ask for free stuff.

2. Use only English
We’re an English server and our staff is primarily English speaking. We cannot moderate what we cannot understand.

3. Don't post controversial content and follow our content policy
Content that is not on topic for the server or against the content policy shouldn’t be posted anywhere.

Our content policy is as follows: Racist, misogynistic, or any other types of hate speech is not allowed. Incivility isn’t allowed on this discord. We want to encourage a respectful discussion. Incivility includes but isn’t limited to bigotry, broad generalizations about groups of people, insulting other users, threats, attempts to stir up drama, etc.

4. Do not post NSFW Content
Content should be kept to a PG-13 level. Always ask yourself "Would my boss or mom be okay with this fullscreen on my monitor as s/he walked by?". If the answer is no, don't post it.

5. Do not advertise
Do not advertise anything you stand to benefit from. A few examples of this are: other Discord servers, websites, Youtube channels, and blog posts. If you are here as an artist to promote your music, read the channel topic of #music-talk and the Music Feedback category as they are good places to get started.

6. Use ModMail to contact staff

What is ModMail?
ModMail (@ModMail) is a bot that reports every direct message received to staff.

How do I use it?

Simply send the bot a direct message.

When do I use it?
  • You’ve noticed a heated argument in a channel and there’s no staff around.
  • Wish to dispute an infraction you have received
  • Would like more context about a rule.
  • Would like to screen something with the staff before posting.
When do I not use it?
  • Someone posts some NSFW content, instead ping the Serious Rule Break role.
  • To test it out.